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Engage new customers
in your business

Place paid search ads and display
banners on desktop and mobile.
Find your customers on Yandex Search
and thousands of sites in the Yandex Advertising Network.

or consult a Yandex specialist
over the phone: +7 (495) 780-65-20
  • Contact with real users

    Only pay for clicks on ads or vCards for contextual advertising, while for display ads you pay for valid impressions.
  • Only the target

    Your ads are specifically served to users who are interested in your products or services on both Yandex and the Yandex Advertising Network.
  • Full placement control

    You always know how many users respond to your ads and can change your settings based on your targets.
  • Real results

    Advertise with Yandex.Direct and see a return on your investment — we will help you attract a new audience and grow sales.

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