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Direct Commander — makes managing multiple campaigns easy

Yandex.Commander is an application that lets you automate your Yandex.Direct ad settings.

You no longer have to wait for pages to load — Direct Commander lets you quickly manage all your information even if you have several campaigns and ads.

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Everything at your fingertips

See all your campaigns and ads at a glance. Switch between panels and lists to find any information you require in a matter of clicks.

Quick search

Direct Commander will help you quickly find the information you require even if you have many campaigns and ads. Search by campaign, ad, keywords, negative keywords and bids.

Simple editing

Quickly find and sort the parameters you want to edit, then use the multi-editing features to change bids, ad texts or keywords in one or more campaigns at once.

Clients in order

Easily manage client accounts and campaigns — the "branches" in the "Clients" panel makes it impossible to get lost.

Extensive upload options

Upload data from CSV and XLS files or even your clipboard to get your campaign off to a flying start.